“Good Stewardship is the process of delivering the highest and best outcomes with the limited financial resources you currently have. "


We understand that the process of becoming a good steward of your current financial resources actually prepares you to be a better steward of the resources to come.  And we believe that if you want more financial resources you must maximize what you have wisely and increase your ability to handle more. 

Our primary focus is helping our clients develop those abilities through our transformative Financial Empowerment Education Series and put them into action via a transformative, executable and immediately impactful Personal Financial Empowerment Plan©.  A plan which serves as both the framework for resource preservation and the enabler of wealth accumulation.

Financial Coaching

At Good Steward we believe that an individual is only as effective as the Wise Counsel with which they surround themselves.  As such, we provide ongoing Financial coaching via one-on-one sessions with our clients in order to meet stated goal and avoid major financial mistakes. 

Good Steward’s coaching is effective and affordable, and you only pay for the time you need!  You can work with a coach in person or get the same great help over the phone or via Skype. Our coaches specialize in providing solutions that help you navigate financial crisis, build/revise/adhere to working budget; continue to optimize on debt elimination; manage large capital expenses or (re)establish a plan for retirement and/or college.

Good Steward Financial Coaching Goals is entirely client centric and we provide the tools, resources and (when necessary) the referrals to help you achieve your goals.

Financial Empowerment Plans

Our Good Steward Empowerment Plans allow our clients to develop a plan which typically gives them the ability to increase household cash flow by $200 to $1,500 per month in a repeatable and sustainable fashion and add $100,000 to $2,000,000 of income generating assists to their retirement.


Over the course of our engagement we will help you develop …

o   A fully Burdened & Optimized Budget (10-year Model)

o   A Debt Elimination Model

o   A Sound Cash Flow Allocation strategy

o   An Initial Plan to Maximize Income Generating assets at retirement


Which helps you …

o   Maximize Your Household Cash Flow

o   Dramatically Increase Your Savings

o   Eliminate Debt

o   Maximize your Retirement Assets and Income and position yourself to leave an inheritance for your children’s children

o   Seed into the Kingdom



Debt Elimination Campaigns For Churches

At Good Steward we develop and facilitate innovative debt elimination campaigns that challenge and enable congregations to dramatically reduce their collective indebtedness and increase their financial health.  Church members are the most generous members of our community and the byproduct of helping them to use their resources more efficiently and developing habits that reduce debt, is the freeing up an extraordinary amount of resources that allows members to increase their savings, further reduce their debt and enhance their generosity.

Workshops & Seminars

We offer innovative and informative keynotes and workshops for groups, churches, and universities.




Financial Courses

At Good Steward we believe having a strong personal financial management foundation is a critical component for developing strong families, communities and global competitiveness.


Our powerful Financial Empowerment Education

Series arms its participants with the wisdom, understanding and knowledge necessary to dramatically improve their ability to become good

stewards of their resources.





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