Strategy Sessions are one-on-one, confidential, laser-focused, action-oriented consultations. You’ll come away with new resources, insights, solutions, and direction… as well as clarity on your next steps towards your financial goals.

Let’s schedule a Strategy Session!

Our Good Steward Empowerment Plans allow our clients to develop a plan which typically gives them the ability to increase household cash flow by $200 to $1,500 per month in a repeatable and sustainable fashion and add $100,000 to $2,000,000 of income generating assists to their retirement.


Over the course of our engagement we will help you develop …

o   A fully Burdened & Optimized Budget (10-year Model)

o   A Debt Elimination Model

o   A Sound Cash Flow Allocation strategy

o   An Initial Plan to Maximize Income Generating assets at retirement

Which helps you …

o   Maximize Your Household Cash Flow

o   Dramatically Increase Your Savings

o   Eliminate Debt

o   Maximize your Retirement Assets and Income and position yourself to leave an inheritance for your children’s children

o   Seed into the Kingdom

Let’s get started!

THIS Is Where Your Financial Breakthrough Begins…


Work Side-by-Side with Shawn Rochester, in an intensive 6 hr day tackling your finances head on with specific strategies curated for you that yields results. 

Good Steward’s coaching is effective and affordable, offering 90 day, 6 month, and 12 month coaching plans. You can work with a coach in person or get the same great help over the phone or via Skype. Our coaches specialize in providing solutions that help you navigate financial crisis, build/revise/adhere to working budget; continue to optimize on debt elimination; manage large capital expenses or (re)establish a plan for retirement and/or college.

Good Steward Financial Coaching Goals is entirely client centric and we provide the tools, resources and (when necessary) the referrals to help you achieve your goals.

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