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October 17, 2017

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How Packing a Lunch Can Add to Your Bank Account

October 3, 2017

In a given week, we can spend almost $75 on breakfast and lunch. That's every week, so in a month, we can close to $300. And that's not even including Starbucks.


Stay tuned. I'm going to show you how packing a lunch can actually put money in your back account.


SO when I started working, I used to grab breakfast on the way to work, and grab lunch at work. And then I started doing the math and when I figured out what that was costing me, it was mind boggling. I was spending almost $4-$500 dollars a month. That's a car payment. When I realized that, I decided to pack a lunch, bring it with me, save that money, divert it back to my savings and my bank account. Let's look at the impact that packing a lunch could have on your bank account.


The first thing is that coffee and a bagel can easily cost you $6 a day. And that's a low estimate. A modest lunch can easily cost you $9 a day. And you can see that I'm being modest. So that's $15 a day, or $75 a week, or $300 a month. Or if you look at it on a yearly basis, that's $3,600. So if you bought your coffee and your bagel in bulk, you made it at home and you took it with you, if you prepared lunch from the food you already have at home and you brought that with you, you could save almost $3,600 per year.


Think about it. A small sacrifice can add up to lots of cash at the end of the year. If your income is $50,000 per year, this one step has the same impact as giving yourself a 10% raise. How is that? Well if you save $3,600 a year, that's like if you got $5,000 a year, because if you earned $5,000, you'd have to pay tax and you'd have 3,600 left. The same amount you'd be spending on breakfast and lunch.


So the next time you think about pulling money out of your wallet, think about how much you could be putting back into your wallet if you decided to pack a lunch. If you have a question for Good Steward Living TV, we'd love to answer it. Just use the hashtag, #askgoodsteward and if you can relate to what we've talked about today, leave a comment below and let me know. And once you're there, don't leave before you subscribe and become one of our Good Steward Living insiders. You'll get instant access to a free gift that I've created just for my insiders. And I know you'll enjoy it. You're also going to get some exclusive content, special giveaways, and some personal updates from me that I don't share with anyone else. Decide today that you will be a good steward for your money and make empowered choices, and that you will help your family, but also your children's children.

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